Why L.Y.F.E ?

Rabu, 06 Desember 2017

Why L.Y.F.E ?

Saat gw ngetik pekanbaru lyfe di blog ini, suami gw complaint, itu gak typo tuh?
Life kali?

Nahhh berhubung gw suka bahasa slank luar dan entah kenapa terbersit kata itu, gw babar aja deh daripada gw dianggap dummy :P
Diambil dari urban dictionary:

LYFE is spelled with a "y" because the normal word "life" is so mundane and meaningless. for example, "i hate life." that statement is nowhere near as powerful as "i hate lyfe" because the "y" allows us to question... "WHY?" y does lyfe exist? y do i hate lyfe? y does LYFE suck/pwn so much? 
Sometimes you can have a Freudian slip and just randomly let out a loud sigh in the middle of class: "LYFE." that word alone with the presence of the "y" speaks a thousand words.
Alan: when i tried to learn japanese, draw manga, or write a "book," I always get discouraged in the end because it takes a lot of time and dedication without immediate results.. LYFE is full of discouragement, so you just gotta pinpoint the most important things and DO them, or else you end up with countless unfinished projects... 

Brian: haha. I suppose we're just succumbing to human propensities then.. Just curious, why did you spell "life" with a "y"?
Just like love-hate situation in here, Pekanbaru.. So dengan rasa penghargaan dan hati yang tulus, i give this word for you. Bittersweet journey in here, with my bae :))

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