Great Tips for Preparing a Memorable Holiday!

Jumat, 21 Oktober 2022

Great Tips for Preparing a Memorable Holiday!

I was looking at my phone and looking fun memories when going abroad. I miss vacation with my family, because my works piling up. Is it time to refresh my brain and body?

I think most of people feel the same. Tired with working or studying? It’s time to get a break, because vacation is the right choice. To make the holiday more comfortable, you should prepare it.

We know for all of us, it is not as easy to just grab our suitcases and drive off on holiday because of economic condition and Covid-19. Everything must be well planned, and prioritize at health and financial condition. 

Here are some ideas for fun holiday along with some tips to prepare.

Make a List and Plan Days Ahead

Grab your pen and notebook, or just grab your handphone and open the electronic journal. Get ready to express what your ideal plans for nice holiday. You could split the lists into categories, such as city vacation or home activity. 

With the summer holidays being here, try to stick to plan. Keep in mind the weather and adapt to your surroundings when you choose outdoor activities. You don’t always have to leave your town for vacation. Just walking around city park or market sightseeing will be fun!

Look at your home activity list to see what sort of activities that can be done in home: it could be from watching a comedy movie to making cups out of clay!

Be flexible with yourself, doing something spontaneous like meeting your family and friend in café, garden work in home, or drawing in canvas. Maybe trying something new like drawing on silicone tattoo skin for new experience.

Get Creative with Food and Drink

It’s time to bring out your colorful apron, fancy ice cubes, cute cookie cutters, and trying new things! I will give tips and tricks on making ice cubes using a silicone ice molds . Using “extra hot” tap water may improve clarity of the cubes because this method may add extra hours to the recommended freezing time.

Tap water is recommended, because reverse osmosis or distilled water may not produce the best cubes. Tray work processing will naturally purify the water in the clear cubes. My family usually make ice cubes using tap water, because it will make the cubes visually stunning and also almost as pure as distilled water.

Tap it on the counter after filling the tray with water. This method is to release as many air bubbles as possible before freezing. To improve the final clarity or ice cubes, running a straw along the interior walls of the top  tray to release air bubbles.

Make a list dishes you would like to make. Create different categories for foods, drinks, and dessert. SWEET, SAVOURY, SNACK, LUNCH, DINNER, you name it, imagination have no boundaries!

Are you ready making caramel popcorn in the pan instead of the microwave for movies marathon? Or creating some fruity smoothies after doing sport? Have fun guys and enjoy your holiday!

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