Discover the Fashion Appeal of Women's Built-In Shapewear

Rabu, 06 September 2023

Discover the Fashion Appeal of Women's Built-In Shapewear

If you choose to wear a shaper dress , you will always be in fashion. That's because this piece is timeless and goes beyond catwalk and street fashion trends. 

Modern shapewear models are excellent, as they deliver the perfect frame of the female form and walk side by side with the fashion world. And if you think that the use of shapewear is only indicated for special events, you can see through this article, ideas to include in your day to day.  

1- The fabric that never goes out of style 

A shapewear with fabric that imitates denim might be ideal for you. Choice Built-In Shapewear Denim Bodysuit or Romper Or Mini Dress. This style surpasses generations and never goes out of style. It is available in three styles: 

1. Mini Dress 

2. Romper 

3. Bodysuit 

Perfect for the classic style, the fabric made up of 77% Polyester + 23% Spandex is highly elastic and allows maximum mobility for the woman. Features faja with a double-layer waist panel that molds to the perfect shape for your tummy.

2- Long sleeve dress

A long sleeve lounge dress is always stylish! This 8-in-1 modal delivers full-body modeling, balancing the curves with the perfect contour of the arms through the long sleeve. It can be perfect for creating many autumn and winter looks. 

It has body shapewear underneath, contouring your body in a totally natural way. Enhances tummy through dual layer waist control. Promotes butt lifting through technology for a perfect BBL effect.  

3- Dress with asymmetric detail 

The asymmetry in the clothes gives an extra charm to the woman's look. It can be used to compose party, minimalist and even futuristic looks. Try the Built-In Shapewear One Shoulder Split Modal Maxi Dress.  

It features a pretty V-neckline, one-shoulder detail, and a side slit that helps elongate your silhouette. All of these features are on the rise in the fashion world and need to be part of your looks. 

It is made of soft and breathable modal fabric. The shaping mesh delivers a flat tummy and the slanted collar makes you that much sexier. It's easy to put on and take off, simplifying your day.  

4- Shapewear flare pants 

You can use the High Rise Tummy Control Split Hem Flare Pants to create an elegant look for work. It matches many types of blouses and overlays as a women's blazer. 

It is available in two colors (Black, Brown) and is made of rayon fabric that provides high quality. It has built-in shaping mesh that flattens the abdomen along with the V-shaped waist.

5- Maxi dress 

A dress with built in shapewear on this model gives you comfort and a versatile clothing option that can be worn anywhere. It has adjustable straps that adapt to any woman. In addition, it delivers breast support through the built-in bra with removable pads so you have freedom of choice. 

It has breathable modal fabric that absorbs sweat and an open gusset that makes it easy when you need to pee. Delivers the hourglass shape women desire through dual layer waist control and butt lifting technology for an optimal BBL effect.  

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